Provident Living II- Urban Farming

I'm glad to see no signs of rodents in our area anymore. (Read my previous entry here) Stray cats are everywhere which kind of gives me security of planting my dear little green friends again. 

Meet Bush Sitao (Green bean).
I may have planted them too close to each other but I guess they will find their way. I can fill the planter box with more soil once they're more grown.

Meet Ginger. I bought 2 pieces of ginger about a month ago and planted one of them. I should be doing more readings on how to literally grow them.

They're living as a community in my 1-meter planter box.

I've seen my garlic chives sprouting but they're still too tiny. Will take a picture of them when they become taller. As for my onion leaks, I harvested some for 2 weeks (yummy) and they suddenly died. But that doesn't stop me from planting new friends again.

Because of Star Wars Episode 7 Speculations...

We watched Star Wars Episode 1 today just because Mr. Lucas wanted to watch it again. Comparing to other episodes I think it was the one which felt like dragging the whole story. I mean, they should have made it shorter..but 2 hours?

However, I enjoyed seeing Natalie Portman with her 'then' chubby cheeks. I was also interested to watch it again just to compare her looks with Keira Knightley (decoy)..I was fooled the first time by Padme.
Queen Amidala and Padme

And of course, Liam Neeson looked really young as well as Samuel Jackson and Ewan McGregor.

Done with all the episodes and I'm looking forward to see Harrison Ford again in the 7th. His appearance in The Expendables 3, which was by the way so surprising, was probably part of the 7th's promotion.

I shall sleep now. Good night. 

Chef Laudico: Guevarra's

In summer, we went to Guevarra's -commonly known as 'Chef Lau'- for a lunch date; a buffet date! So we had to ready our tummies. It was a treat by my husband's friend. All of us were excited to go there not just for the food but also for the place itself. It used to be an ancestral house turned into a restaurant. Plus, Chef Lau is one of the youngest and best chefs in the Philippines.

We came early, around 10.30am, so we had to wait for half an hour :) As expected, a lot of patrons were there since it was a Saturday.

Good thing they have a little garden (grounds).
Chef Lau
I didn't intend to take any picture at the waiting area. This is just random showing how the garden was landscaped. Just imagine those chairs having a tent.

and a sofa (at the entrance), too.
Guevarra's waiting area
This is my girl comfortably sitting after screaming inside the restaurant :)

 With golden plates just right above you. (Oh earthquakes!)
Chef Lau entrance

I wasn't able to get much picture inside since she was cranky.

But as you can readily see in the picture below, Spanish design accents all over the building. There were different halls in the restaurant. Each has historic name. Historic "Mabini" surname was posted on the first hall (right)
Guevarra's entrance

  I'm not sure if you can reserve a particular hall.
Hispanic AmbienceI say 'Hispanic' because it reminds me of Americanized Spanish buildings.
Delicious Filipino Cuisine- Except that I was looking for more variety. Dessert was extra special
Just Price- Affordable on weekdays. Prices are slightly higher on weekends and holidays.But given it's buffet, I would say eating there is worth it.
                    For updated prices click here
Enough Parking Space- You won't have a hard time finding one since guards can assist you. And the area is relatively big. 

Its location is not that accessible unless you have your own car, or would brave heavy traffic (at times) with your taxi meter running.
...But a good place for family affairs. They collect no payment for infants :) (much better than Tramway) So my 1 year-old daughter ate a lot of dessert for FREE.