FOOD: Bicol

When husband goes to Bicol, I would usually ask him to bring home a jar of Bicol Express (Pork+TONS of Chilies + Shrimp paste + Coconut milk) and Laing, too.

But I found out there's a huge difference between those which are in jars and that which is packed in a food plastic container. The latter tastes more like home cooking so I now ask for it.

I love Bicol Express much that I want to achieve its authentic taste when cooking at home. Husband said I'm almost there :)

Authentic: you can see generous amount of shrimp paste. Coconut milk was cooked too well that all you can see is oil.

Home cooking: me, so glad husband allowed to have lots of chilies ;) He doesn't like to eat anything spicy except Bicol Express. But no shrimp paste for this though.

I added green beans to make it healthier. They say cooking coconut milk too much could cause an upset stomach so I just had it boiled for about 20 minutes.
 Long have I tried experimenting different methods just to get closer to its authentic taste, and this time I finally found what's missing: GINGER.

FOOD: Kidapawan/Davao

Husband travels a lot. I take pictures of food items that he brings home but my blog can't keep up. So, I might post those from his previous travels. Recently he went to Kidapawan, North Cotabato via Davao City. Here's what we got:

Chines Pomelo @ 100/kilo. I can finish 1-2 fruits a day. But now, I'm stopping myself from peeling the last one. I want it to last longer.

 Toddler is on the move. She loves playing with the last Pomelo.
 Mango Rolls @ 150 from and Durian candy @ 65 from the airport. Talking about "Smells like hell, but tastes like heaven", how I missed Durian candy!! I personally think it smells good :) 

The Game of Powerplants

I recently tried Philippine Stocks Exchange online game and virtually bought shares of AP (Aboitiz Power Corporation) and EDC (Energy Development Corporation). Having my husband in the energy industry, I somehow know the trends of these two.

Note: In my opinion it's better to invest in the energy industry since its trend will not be affected by epidemics (EBOLA). Instead for buying Meralco (MER), which is just the distributor, go for the producer.

EDC recently secured certification of commerciality from Department of Energy to operate the largest wind farm in Southeast Asia. I understand it's current price per share does not move up as fast as AP but it is actually rising. Especially that it just had its independence as a private corporation, used to be under the wings of Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC), a government owned and controlled corporation.

EDC's wind farm has more wind mills compared to Bangui but the latter looks more attractive to tourists since they are not scattered----they are aligned.

The giants in Burgos, Ilocos Norte

Someday, I'll take a picture of my self with a bunch of wind mills at my back under a blue sky like this:

wind mills burgos, ilocos norte
Majestic. No filter.

AP on the other hand has long been established as a private corporation and with stable investors. They promote "cleanergy" or renewable energy.