Random relationship post #2

Pride and nothing but pride is the very most culprit of every broken relationship, marriage or person. It comes in many forms that can go unnoticed. When you are spending much money on luxury and other unimportant things, it is your pride of not wearing modest clothes, or proving that you can afford to visit popular tourist destinations. When you do not accept apologies or excuses for small mistakes or even with out-of-hand situations  that your partner sometimes does, it is your pride that you should be the most important person in his or her life, even more important that his or herself. When you don’t want to stop yourself from answering back and winning a point in every argument, it is your pride that you are always right, you can never go wrong, and your partner is someone who isn't in a right mindset. 
Many things, and in many ways, pride is slowly pushing you and your lover farther. And the sad part is, both of you might be victims of it without you knowing.
A ‘happily-ever-after’ does not automatically happens when someone gets or gives a “true love’s kiss”. Being in a relationship means both of you will experience good and bad times that would refine your feelings for each other; even contribute in improving your character, strengths, and overcoming weaknesses.
You do not live in Neverland, where flying takes no effort, and time does not add anything to your age. You are not in a fairy tale with a perfect, beautiful, and real princess; or a handsome, brave prince with a castle. But you can do something, even a lot of things, to make your relationship work. You can make a choice. You always can.
Overcoming the call of pride is indeed a hard thing to do because once you feed it, it satisfies you instantly. It makes you feel that you are strong, that you are right, that you are important; very far from the slow but sure comfort of humility. Pride does not even have to stay on the side of strength. It can also work for you to make you feel even down. It gives you the imaginary image that you are worthless and helpless, that your partner won’t listen and forgive you. Thus, when you give in to pride, your relationship would surely end soon. So quit pride-ing. Friday #

Random relationship thoughts #1

And finally, another reason, which can either take your relationship to the next level or end it, is time. Nope, this does not always mean that either you are putting more or less time with each other, but its reckoning. You see, these days we are all bombarded with pressure at work, economic fluctuation, most significantly, too much social media, and other events which don’t matter most.
You may feel like you have spent a lot of time commenting on your partner’s blog or posts and think it’s enough to let him or her feel loved. Well, it may appear popular among both of your circles, they might think you are a romantic or cool person for him or her; and that your relationship is strong, but that’s just superficial; even you are tempted or feel obliged to craft an appealing statement before posting it. 
Be careful, you might be building just a superficial, virtual love. It will not last long. Or if it will, it’s not as sensible as it can be.

On the contrary, not because your partner does not seem to care about the eloquent post you did on social media last night, mean that you are not loved, supported, or cared about.

On Provident Living

Before we moved to this new home, I would dream of planting onion leeks, garlic chives, tomatoes, ginger, chayote or cho-cho, eggplant, okra, string bean, and the list goes on...but I didn't have enough soil even for a small plant pot. And even if I bought soil from the local garden depot my area wasn't secure. Rodents would go and bit my plants to pieces. That is the biggest problem when you are living away from the rural.

I was so excited to harvest fresh produce, they taste far better than what you buy from groceries. Here in our new home, one of the first projects that I had was a planter box, a small sack of soil, and 3 packets of seeds. That was in May.

Come June my little green friends were growing, then came the rodents. (a big sigh)
I attempted to plant again, but was convinced that my planter box wasn't protected enough. I had to build a fence around it, or even make a larger box made of thick plastic net. But I have to wait until the rainy season is over (We don't have snow so I can plant again sometime in mid August).

These days I'm thinking about JAMS and other ways of preserving food. My planter box and food preservation are in truth not just about eating healthy food, but being thrifty, and preparing for future needs (calamities, rise in grocery prices), at the same time increasing my skills as a homemaker. I want my children to grow in a home where they learn how to make things without spending much.

I miss my childhood. My mom was awesome!! She made our clothes, she made our lunch, she made our toys, our curtains. We had a big garden and planted tomatoes, string bean, chayote or cho-cho, eggplant, okra, sweet potato, guava, banana, roses; raised chicken, harvested egg.

I want to live providently.

Perks of Being a Mom

1. You get your hair combed with fascination, and utmost care by your 18-month-old daughter :)
2. You get to play hide and seek all day, and have an instant playground without going out your house.
3. You get inspired to read more books because the little one makes it a point to read her book again and again everyday.
4. You will always have someone running to give you a hug.
5. You are taught a new song everyday and do a duet as well.
6. You will learn that cellphones don't need installation guides. Hey, a toddler can always fix one!

Admiral Star: Our Vintage Sewing Machine

Today is a very good day. I woke up at 4.30 am to cook for my husband's breakfast and his lunch for work. Yes, he takes lunch box at the office. Sometimes, I go back to sleep when he leaves at 6.15, especially when my daughter goes to bed at 1 or 2 am ��. But today I didn't.

Vintage Sewing Machine Admiral Star

I planned to finish my new doll's body (remember Laura? ) so I should take care of some house work first asap. Glad my sister is here for a month :) She helps me with some of my chores.

For three weeks, I've been very busy restoring the vintage sewing machine in the picture above, squeezing the little time I had each day. It's Admiral Star. Probably 40 years old or older. My mom also got one which is 56 years old now.

This Admiral Star was owned by my husband's grandmother. And since nobody used it for more than 10 years [yes that long!] I asked my parents-in-law if we could take care of it instead.

We had a machinist oil it since it got stuck and the wheels wouldn't turn. I repaired the casing on the other hand [literally by myself], which took 3 days. Had to sand the whole body, used a steel brush on rough and RUSTED surfaces, applied polyurethane to wooden case, and spray painted the steel parts. (I learned that brushing rust off is a VERY tough job.)

It was a makeover :) A big one I would say. Glad my husband was very kind to encourage me with the project. Whenever I was on the machine, he would take care of our daughter.

To make sure everything would be safe for her, I had to train her not to play much with the sewing machine. By the time she had satisfied her curiosity with it, it was then okay to install the needle.

I'm excited to make my very first doll with the help of our Admiral Star. Wish me luck!