Gift for Easter: Adult Coloring Page


A lot of things happened since I went radio silent:

1. Gave birth to a baby boy
2. Moved to a new city after 3 weeks post partum
3. Ridiculed by most of passengers on our flight. There was but one person
    who assured that he was okay with our daughter crying, and he was Japanese.
4. Survived a week without most of our belongings but:

  -2 single-sized bed foams
  -few clothes
  -gas stove
  -electric kettle
  -eating utensils

5. Got an internet connection after a month
6. Survived (still now) taking care of 2 children by myself

And today I couldn't stop myself but share with you an illustration which I did earlier. I decided to make one to give myself some colors whenever I have the opportunity to do so. Since I can't afford to buy Secret Garden coloring book for adults I decided to make mine. This is just one page though. But I hope you can make use of it too whenever you're bored or stressed.

easter egg illustration
you can download it HERE.


My daughter has grown.
She woke up from a bad dream crying.
Instead of me offering her milk for comfort,
she was content when I held her on my lap
and went back to sleep.

She now values my company more than my milk.
As we continue our daily routine with her new little brother of 2 weeks, she's now
learning to control her emotions.
I noticed she has become more selfless everyday.

When love is indeed cultivated in the home,
you don't have to force your children to embrace it.
It becomes a part of them.
Happy Valentine's Day to all!

On Potty Training

Potty training seems to be one of the trickiest thing to do for me. I have even thought that I'm the worst mom in the whole world simply because my daughter isn't potty trained yet. But come a mother angel to the rescue who has just potty trained her daughter who is over 2 years old now. She didn't force her. She let her daughter decide when to go for it. I will do the same.